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Now there are too many useful gadgets in life, which brings convenience to people. But the quality varies from good to bad. Sisi held the original intention of choosing good things for her family and friends to improve the quality of life, established her own business and registered the trademark SISIGAD, an abbr. of Sisi Gadgets.

SISIGAD hoverboard: best gift for kids

  • In 2018, inspired by the founder of Xiaomi, sisigad fully focused on hoverboards and scooters.
  • May 2019, SISIGAD prepared for Kickstarter crowdfunding of new products.
  • August 2019, the busisiness got the angel round of investment; New models were mass-produced, sold on Amazon, and became the Bestseller of Self Balancing Scooters.
  • In the same year, SISIGAD established its own R&D, design, production, logistics and marketing departments, and strategically placed product design and logistics centers in the United States and Europe, which has much improved the customer shopping experience.
  • 2020 SISIGAD expanded its category to other e-rideables scooters and maintains industry leadership. 
  • Nov.2021, SISIGAD bought the domain sisigad.com from investor and launched new website. Also visit: www.sisigad.com

When outdoor sports become a trend, the combination of technology and sports leads a new trend. SISIGAD hoverboards aim to bring you a unique outdoor sports experience. All our hoverboards are manufactured to the highest standards using premium components such as high quality engineered motors and durable wheels.

SISIGAD Products
Hoverboard: models with Bluetooth, models without Bluetooth, Off-road style, etc. . . .
SISIGAD products can be found in many major markets and retailers, including but not limited to; Amazon, eBay, Wal-Mart, independent websites.

Why Should I Buy From SISIGAD?
High-quality, high-performance, unique design, different themes and styles, irregular spike activities, and excellent after-sales service will all become your only reasons to choose us.

UL Certified Products
Every SISIGAD Hoverboard is tested and certified to UL safety standards. All products are designed by our top engineers with high-quality construction for the utmost safety of our customers.


SisiGedgets.com, an Online Retailer of SISIGAD brand products, provides excellent customer service and after-sales service to customers worldwide.

If you want to know more about us, please contact us: [email protected]