hoverboard how to ride? SIISGAD entry-level series FOR entry-level riders
09.30.2021 | SISIGAD | Hoverboard USA
Here are a few tips for moving:
  1. Moving forward and backward: Slightly lean forward. Do not bend at the waist. The movement will be mostly in your ankles.
  2. Turning: To turn your hoverboard, you will push your toes forward. To turn left, push down your right toes. To turn right, push down your left toes.

SIISGAD entry-level series is compiled of our classic hoverboards the A01, A02, A12 and A18. This series is perfect for entry-level riders with all the hoverboards being at an affordable price.

SISIGAD A01 is specially desigend for hoverboard beginners. If you need a Best Hoverboard for Beginners, pick the SISIGAD A01 Electric Hoverboard. This best hoverboard for beginners is well-built with high-quality parts that work together to deliver a smooth, safe ride. The battery lasts between 1 and 3 hours. Additionally, the build should be good, its motor powerful, but it shouldn’t be too heavy.